xchange participant guide - trial steps

Welcome to the xCHANGE Participant Guide - Trial Steps

This contains all the resources you will need (apart from login passwords), to do a trial run of the simulation, outside the usual context of a facilitated workshop (in which a trainer introduces the simulation, participants run the simulation in teams, and then the trainer debriefs the session, using an online reporting tool).

1) Read the project notes, which describes the scenario

2) Watch the demo video, which explains the functionality of the simulation

3) Check your computer meets the requirements

4) Download the simulation player onto your computer

5) Do the warmup exercise, to familiarise yourself with the software (server name and warmup password required!) - this is OPTIONAL, since you can also simply familiarise yourself with the software when doing the full run below!

Do a full run of the simulation (server name and password required!)

Once you have finished, answer the debrief questions (using the debrief window IN the simulation)


xCHANGE E project notes THUMB
1) project notes
2) demo video
3) requirements
prendo player icon
4) simulation player download
xCHANGE E warmup pdf THUMB
5) warmup